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We will be OPEN for both Pick-Your-Own and Pre-Picked Strawberries on Thursday, June 20th.

Pick-Your-Own will be from 7am – 12noon, but we will not have evening picking on Thursday June 20th. You will have a choice between Paying by Weight for only $2.60 per pound OR purchase by Volume at check-in for only $40 for a Big Box or $20 for a Medium Box. You will be picking our Sweet Cavandish and Jewel Varieties, but you can always ask your row assigner if you want a different variety… The picking is still very good with the berries a fun mix of small, medium to large in size – yet HUGE with FLAVOR.

Pre-Picked will be available from 9am – 4pm. We will be offering the Jewel Variety – medium to large in SIZE – and the Jewel is the owners Favorite. Pre-Picked costs $7.00 per Sorted Quart, and ONLY $6.50 per Unsorted Quart up to 5 quarts OR for those making preserve’s we are offering a bulk SALE rate of only $5.50/unsorted quart if you purchase 6 or more… sorted quarts we have our staff go thru to remove any blemished or bad berries, whereas the unsorted is field direct so they my have some over ripe, under ripe, or they could be perfect – we don’t know since they are unsorted – but most all are just fine for making jams and jellies.

So come to Carandale Farm for another delicious day on the Farm… and don’t forget to get some Sassy Scoop of Ice-cream and take a picture of the QR Code for a FREE Pint of Craft Beer from any of the Great Dane Pub and Brewery Locations.

If buying Pre-Picked Please Bring a BOX to carry your berries in… our supplier… well isn’t supplying us at the moment… so lets recycle and reuse if we can… Thanks!

We still ONLY accept Cash or Checks – sorry still no credit cards.

 Other Fruits we offer and their approximate timing:

Black Currants (Organic) – July – Pick-Your-Own on Farm

Plums – July/Aug – Sold in Stores and Dane County Farmers Market (DCFM)

Aronia Berry (Organic) – August/Sept – Sold in Stores, DCFM, & on Farm via Appt.

Fredonia Grapes – September – Sold in stores

Concord Grapes – Sept/Oct – Sold in Stores and DCFM

Seaberry/Cornelian Cherry/Quince/Persimmons – Fall – Sold to Restaurants and on Farm with Appt.

Please continue to monitor this Website and friend us on FB… for the most current information and product availability.

With Appreciation,

The Secher Family & Carandale Farm

continue to monitor this daily update, and friend us on FaceBook for up to date information and availability If you would like to know more about our farm, other fruits we grow, our history, or our cultural practices please check out our website at www.carandalefarm.com 

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