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The 2021 Strawberry Season has come to a close… We have been Open since June 9th and have had our struggles regarding heat and drought, but with our wonderful staff and amazing community who support us we have had a good season in spite of all the hurdles … and we THANK YOU… because Without YOUR support, Family farms would not exist… so please continue to support your local farmers and small businesses… and in doing so you will find superior products and a connection with the land and the community that surrounds you.
We feel so honored to be part of such a wonderful community, and surrounded by such wonderful people… we TRULY enjoy meeting you all and being part of your family traditions.
And Remember we offer OTHER wonderful FRUITS still yet to come this year… such as - but not limited too - ORGANIC ARONIA BERRY, and CONCORD GRAPES… so please continue to check our Facebook and Website to learn more about other crops we grow and when they will be available.
Again, From our FAMILY to YOURS - THANK YOU for your support and we truly look forward to seeing you all next season… In the meantime Be Kind and Take Care of One Another…
The Secher Family - Carandale Farm

Thank you for your support and we have truly been enjoying seeing everyone this year… and for those I've had the chance to chat with – THANK YOU :)

Please continue to monitor this daily update, and friend us on FaceBook for up to date information and availability 

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