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Thank You!! To ALL our Patrons/Friends, and Community who have supported us and have enjoyed the Fruits of our Labors over the years. We also want to Thank our Staff for being awesome, being real, and having fun working on the Strawberry Farm.

We feel so lucky to have so many friends and supporters who enjoy our efforts, and we are very blessed that our community not only supports us, but is also reaping the Many Health & Wellbeing Benefits my Father – Mr. Dale Secher – envisioned when he started Carandale Farm back in 1969.

The 2023 Fruit Season has come to an end. Once again the weather was not as cooperative as we had hoped, but with my father’s experience – community support – and some luck the 2023 fruit season was another Success.

You already know that we raise Farm Fresh Strawberries in June, but what you may not know is that we also raise the following crops after Strawberries:

Strawberries – Mid-June – Pick-your-Own and Pre-picked sold on the Farm

Black Currants (Organic) – July – Pick-Your-Own on Farm

Plums – July/Aug – Sold in Stores and Dane County Farmers Market (DCFM)

Aronia Berry (Organic) – August/Sept – Sold in Stores, DCFM, & on Farm via Appt.

Fredonia Grapes – September – Sold in stores

Concord Grapes – Sept/Oct – Sold in Stores and DCFM

Seaberry/Cornelian Cherry/Quince/Persimmons – Fall – Sold to Restaurants and on Farm with Appt.

We look forward to a winter ‘break’ and some time to prepare and plan for the 2024 Fruit Season – and we are already excited to see you all again next season so please continue to monitor Website and friend us on FB… for the most current information and product availability.

With Appreciation,

The Secher Family & Carandale Farm

continue to monitor this daily update, and friend us on FaceBook for up to date information and availability If you would like to know more about our farm, other fruits we grow, our history, or our cultural practices please check out our website at www.carandalefarm.com 

Like Us on Facebook or check the DAILY UPDATE page to view up to date information as the strawberry season approaches.

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